I would like to start by expressing to you how much I appreciate each member of our Support Solutions DSP Team. We would not be where we are without the contributions and sacrifices made by each and every one of you.
Together we have reached new heights this past year. I’m immensely proud of the work that we are doing to make Support Solutions a force for good in the industry, both though the work we do every day and by making a difference on issues that touch the lives of so many people we serve. We have shown dedication to advancing equality and diversity in our programs and are quickly becoming recognized for our quality of service. Thank you.
Thank you:
* For doing your job with excellence and persistence
* For spending time supporting the dreams, visions, goals and ambitions of others
* For working tirelessly….or sometimes tiredly….at your job
* For everything you do that no one sees, but makes a world of difference
* For all the times you have not received a thank you, I thank you.
Your dedication is the backbone of our success.
I could not be more excited or proud of the opportunity to work alongside all of you to make our mission a reality.
We know that because of the efforts of our phenomenal team, we not only survived all the change that came in 2016, we thrived! It is an incredible feeling to know that when I go out into the community, there is no way I can oversell the competency and commitment of my team.
Thank you for all you do. My door is always open to you.
-Christine Chute, Executive Director


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