Creative Trails is an innovative experiential community support program for adults with intellectual uniqueness. It incorporates artistic, agricultural, outdoor experiential, culinary arts, and horsemanship programs to encompass new and creative ways to address many peoples interests. We offer participants sophisticated opportunities, choices and integration to help support and guide them to becoming more independent. By realizing their potential through experiences of the mind, body, and spirit each individual will live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

The Art Department

The Art Department was established in 2011 as an outsider art studio, contemporary gallery, retail store, screening space, and film production studio, to provide unique opportunities to local Maine artists with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Our artists receive 75% of the sale price of their work, with 25% returning to the program to purchase supplies.

We provide art supplies, cameras, computers, studio space, and instruction to over 30 local artists in our storefront location in downtown Portland, making room for any and all artistic interests. Through public access to all parts of our workspace and galleries, we hope to encourage community conversations about the talent and inspiring work coming from our artists, and collaborate with local galleries, artists, and community organizations.

Our artists work on projects that showcase a wide variety of mediums and skills, including animation, autobiographical memoirs, fictional movies, news casting and journalism, costume and prop creation, green screen experimentation, silk screening, printmaking, painting, drawing, book making, and lots more. Our goal is to provide an outlet for the artists to reach their full potential, in an environment that encourages each individual to increase technical skill, make community connections, collaborate with local artists and galleries, and establish their work in the greater Portland area and beyond.

The Art Certificate Program


Listen Up



Cultivate engages the individuals in exciting endeavors in the community, challenging the participants in many aspects of sustainable agriculture.  Focuses are skill building, peer interaction, community integration, socialization, physical well-being and self-esteem.

Farm Expositions, Organic Gardening, Animal Investigations…t

YUM (Organic Foods)

YUM! provides pre-vocational, community-based, culinary arts experiences. The program aims to create a learning environment that will facilitate and nurture the expansion and discovery of culinary skill-sets, as well as an increased cultural, community and environmental awareness.

Organic Cooking, Baking, Cultural Investigations, Entrepreneurial Adventures


CREATE is designed to support artists in building their skills in many different mediums. With artist visits and studio time the individuals touch upon community awareness, fine motor skills, self awareness, social skills and sensory awareness.

– Fine Art

– Fiber Arts

– Pottery

– Photography

– Installation Art

– Sculpture

– Craft Product Lines

– Poetry

– Performance Art

– Music

– Creative Movement